Court should not let a defendant represent him/herself without a lot of good advice

In State v King, decided today, the NJ Supreme Court held that for a trial
 court to find that a defendant's waiver of counsel is made "knowingly and
 intelligently" , it has the duty inform a defendant of :
 (1) the charges to be tried,
 (2) the statutory defenses to those charges,
 (3) the potential sentencing exposure that accompanies those charges,
 (4) the risks defendant faces and the problems he may encounter
 (5) a pro se defendant's obligation to follow the applicable rules of
 procedure and evidence as would a licensed attorney and that
 (6) that in the event of a conviction, he will not be able to seek
 post-conviction relief alleging he had been deprived of the effective
 assistance of counsel. 

 Jeff Gold