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2018 New Jersey State Bar Amicus Award

2013 NJICLE Distinguished Service Award

2012 New Jersey State Bar Municipal Practice Award

2018 "Super Lawyer"

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Jeffrey Evan Gold has been called "the dean" of New Jersey drunk driving lawyers (Star-Ledger, 12/18/11,  2/16/11).  With over 35 years of experience in DWI / DUI charges, Jeff Gold has defended thousands of drunk driving cases.  

He is certified in both Alcotest MkIIIc breath testing and NHTSA field sobriety testing.  

He is well known throughout the State of New Jersey as a leader in DWI defense.   In fact, not only is he is the only lawyer to have been awarded the New Jersey State Bar's highest award in the field more than once, he has won it three times!.  He teaches advanced DWI courses to other lawyers,  judges and prosecutors throughout the State and was awarded the 2013 NJICLE Distinguished Service Award 

There is no doubt why Jeff Gold is well known in New Jersey as a DWI lawyer's lawyer. 

Jeffrey Evan Gold scores a 
perfect "10.0 Superb" professional legal rating from the independent AVVO ratings organization.


In addition to being named Municipal Court  Attorney of the Yearby the N.J. State Bar Assn. in 20122008 and 2004, Mr. Gold has been awarded the 2013 Distinguished Service Award by the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education, as well as awarded the New Jersey State Bar’s   “Amicus Curiae Award” in 2108, 201620152013,  2011 and 2008.  Mr. Gold has twice been Chair of the New Jersey State Bar Municipal Court Practice Section, three times Chair of the Burlington County Bench and Bar Criminal Law Committee and four times as Chair of the Municipal Court Committee. He was also appointed Chair of the Municipal Court Committee of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer- New Jersey.  He has served on the Supreme Court Committees on "Municipal Court Practice", "Municipal Court Trial Certification", and "Criminal and Quasi Criminal Discovery".   He has been moderator and speaker at countless seminars on DWI, DUI, Drunk Driving, Criminal Law, Municipal Court, etc.  Mr. Gold is also a former Asst. Burlington County Prosecutor and was a Police Academy instructor on the subject of Search and Seizure.

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Jeff Gold is also a regular TV Legal Analyst and has appeared countless times on CNN, Fox News, HLN, ABC, NBC and has been a regular on the Emmy winning Its Your Call on TCN and has commenting on such cases as O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Martha StewartScott PetersonJon-Benet Ramsey, Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky, Trayvon Martin, John Edwards, Jerry Sandusky, Drew Peterson, James Holmes, Jodi Arias, George Zimmerman, and almost every other major case of our times .



Mr. Gold is admitted to practice in all New Jersey Courts as well as the 3rd Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States.  He has appeared regularly before the New Jersey Supreme Court.

  • State v. Foley (2004), the first case in the U.S. to restrict the use of the new “Alcotest 7110″ breath testing device used in drunk driving (i.e. DWI, DUI) cases 

  • State v Chun (2008, 2013) where the N.J. Supreme Court placed many conditions on the use of the Alcotest as evidence in DWI cases (and also retreated from some)

  • State v Ciancaglini (2011) where, in accord with Mr. Gold's position,  the Supreme Court reversed the lower court's ruling that Refusal to take a breath test should be treated as a "prior" DWI for sentencing

  • State v Cahill (2012) before the Supreme Court decided that a DWI should be dismissed when it violated the right to a "speedy trial" as required by the constitution.

  • State v O'Driscoll (2013) Decided when police must read correct refusal warnings. 

  • State v Revie (2015) Mr. Gold represented the State Bar successfully in getting the Supreme Court to rule that a defendant has the right to two DWI "stepdowns" when more than 10 years have elapsed between prior DWIs

  • State v Atkins (2015) where the Supreme Court agreed with Mr. Gold’s position that there is no good faith exception in NJ to the warrant requirement for police to get blood in a DWI

  • State v Witt  (2015) Supreme Court will rule on the State’s challenge to and Mr. Gold’ defense of  the requirement that police get a warrant to search most cars

  • State v Denelsbeck (2015) where the court will decided if third offender DWI are entitled to jury trial

  • see also Sparks, (App. Div. 1993) holding the State could not use a lab report  to prove drug defendant’s guilt without complete and strict adherence to the statutory procedure
"Due to his stamina and determination, Gold was named Attorney of the Year by the New Jersey State Bar Association" 

 Philadelphia Inquirer, 8-8-04.  

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"This is an award given the lawyer, judge or prosecutor who has done the most to advance municipal court practice... Gold was the only person to have won this award twice."

Courier Post,  8-26-08

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Gold was recognized as the "point man on the Alcotest attack"  having handled both of the only the two cases on the scientific reliability of that breath testing device in the entire nation. 

New Jersey Lawyer , 11-3-08

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"Jeffrey Evan Gold is the immediate past chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association's Municipal Court Section and was active in the push to see the specialty (Municipal Court Trial Certification)  recognized.  Gold is one of the state's leading drunken driving legal experts and was the first to challenge the introduction of the Alcotest 7110, the breath test that replaced the breathalyzer in New Jersey." 

New Jersey Law Journal,  June 2011

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"...Gold (is) considered the dean of New Jersey's municipal (court) lawyers ..."  

Star-Ledger 2-16-11

" ... Jeffrey Gold (is) considered the dean of Municipal  (court) Attorneys in the State" 

Star-Ledger 12-18-11
JEFFREY EVAN GOLD was selected as 
 2013 "Super Lawyer"

Jeff Gold has been selected by South Jersey Magazine as  

"Awesome Attorney" in

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015!

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